Monday, January 14, 2013

One skirt and three different outfits

Well, the titel says everything. I created three totally diffrent outfits with always the same skirt. One look is the sexy one, the other is the smart and the third goes more to a sporty way.

 I love every outfit. But I actually describe my very own style classic and chic. So, my favourite look is the smart one. In my opinion, it's a very chic look, which showes cleverness and satisfaction. I think, it also makes me to look more self-confident.

 All of these looks were created with basics, garments which are a MUST for every womans closet. Basics are so important to create more and more different outfits. Try it out! Play with your basics and have fun!!!

Please tell me, which of these three is your favourite look?

XOXO - Alessandra Morena

1. The new little sexy black ''dress''

Would you believe it, when I told you, that I was wearing a skirt with a tank top? Well, I definitely would need a little time to notice. But yes, I'm telling you the truth. I was wearing a simple skirt with a simple tank top, just in the same pattern. This look is perfect for a date or a ladys night with your girlfriends. Try to find a skirt and a top in the same pattern. You could wear them together or you could mix them with different basics.

2. The clever, satisfied and self-confident woman

As I already said, I see myself more as a classic and chic type of woman. When I had to choose a look, I would take the smart look. Here I had fun by mixing prints and colour. When one piece has more neutral colour, then use for the other piece something with a brighter touch. As I told you before, have fun by mixing pattern and colour!

3. Sporty and powerful

Are you a woman who prefers jeans than a skirt? Is it because you don't want to look like a girly girl? Who said, that a skirt makes someone girly?! Try to add something sporty to a skirt. Even small accesoires make different looks. Don't you believe me? Well, here's an example!

I added a simple long-sleeved top with a very neutral colour. I choose a hat for a more trendy touch.

1. Look
Tank Top - Wolford
Skirt - Wolford
Shoes - Schutz
Purse - Mandarian Duck
Watch - Longines
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co.
Earrings - Rebecca

2. Look
Shirt - Zara
Cardigan - MaxMara Weekend
Sunglasses - Burberry

3. Look
Top - Sportmax
Hat - H&M
Shoes - Navyboot

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  1. Alessandra I absolutely adore these looks! Such a great idea to post three looks with one skirt. My favourite is the first one! I actually thought it was a peplum dress! I think that look works lovely with the pattern you used. Great post!! xo

    1. Thank you very, very much! Yeah, it's very difficult to notice that it isn't a dress, haha. That's why I like it so much!

  2. Absolutely love the peeptoes :)
    ... And of course the Tiffany bracelet - NY memories :)

    you know you love me, xoxo Yvonne (haha^^)

  3. Hey Alessandra! I found your blog from Britney Spears' page and I gotta say this is amazing! You're very stylish :) btw, I'm a girl from Finland :D

  4. Hey!
    If you had not tell, I would not notice, that you were wearing a skirt with a tank top, haha! Will look for something similar!

    Thanks for your tip!