Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter needs color!!!

When I think about winter some few adjectives come to my mind: white, cold, foggy, icy... (there are like 1000!). I actually see these adjectives when I'm in town! I don't mean the weather. I mean the people. People in snowwhite, foggygrey, icyblue and black colored clothes. But why? Well, I can't answer this question, because I don't understand it (haha)! I think, on days like these we should wear colors! Come on, give a nice pop of color for a white, foggy day!

When I want to wear color, then I love to wear color. I mix colors. But how do I know, which color matches to another one? 

If you aren't sure how to match different color, then look at a color circle. There you'll see, how the colors can be matched.

I think, the combination of this mustard yellow coat together with the royal blue scarf and top looks just great. Don't be afraid to wear two totally different colors on one outfit! 

Try it out and let me know!

XOXO - Alessandra Morena

Coat - Stefanel
Cashmere Scarf - Maddison by Manor
Long Sleeved Top - old
Shorts - UCB (United Colors of Benetton)
Tights - Falken
Boots - From a boutique

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  1. Alessandra I love colour in the winter as well! Even a darkish outfit paired with a bright purse and red or pink lipstick always puts a smile on my face. I love that mustard colour jacket! Beautiful!!

  2. I really like the combination of the royal blue and mustard yellow garments!

    Your Blog is amazing!

  3. Really cool outfit! I'd love to have a coat like yours!!!

  4. You're so pretty! Really like your outfit and your blog is just AMAZING!
    Gonna follow you on facebook!