Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be so stressful! 

Since Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, a lot of you guys are going to work, right? Do you have a date? Do you need to go home to change your outfit before the date with your beloved? May I ask you why?

May I suggest you to go with the same clothes to work as you were planning to wear on your date? Don't be afraid! - You still can add some basics for work!

I chose three different dresses, which I would use for work or for a date as well! I just added some more garments to get a more casual or business look. 

XOXO - Alessandra Morena

1. From a totally business outfit to something totally sexy!

Do you think, that I was wearing a skirt with a blouse in the left picture? Well, I actually wasn't! I was wearing the same dress as I was in the right picture. I just added a blouse above my dress and a belt, to give that skirt-and-blouse look. Now for the date, I only need to take my blouse off in the office and of course, I need to change my bag. And voila, I would be ready for a hot date with my lover!

Dress - Mango
Tweed Jacket - Mango
Blouse - Ralph Lauren
Brief Case - Mandarina Duck
Clutch - Mandarina Duck
Pumps - Bata
Belt - United Colors of Benetton

2. From a girly, sassy girl to someone mysterious

I never thought to wear a dress like this for school! But as you might see, it works! This grey cardigan makes such a difference. The look is girly, sassy and sporty at the same time, but when I take it off, my hidden back comes to the foreground and takes all the attention! If you wear a dress with an open back, then I hope you lover will also look to your eyes and not only stare at your back!

1. Look
Dress - Zara
Cardigan - H&M
Belt - Navyboot
Tights - Fogal
Shoes - H&M
Purse - Zara

2. Look
Dress - Zara
Belt - Navyboot
Pumps - Massimo Dutti
Clutch - Guess

3. French for two occasion

I don't know why, but somehow I was feeling very French in this outfit. Maybe it's becauce of my French Braid and the red lipstick, haha! Anyway, let's come to the point! 

It took a long time to think about adding some basics to this dress. But I never was really satisfied with the ideas and thought, I could wear the dress just itself on a lot of occasions, like work, dinner with the family, garden party, sightseeing in Paris and of course on a very important date!

Dress - Mango
Pumps - Navyboot

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that I could help some of you finding the perfect outfit for the very important date!

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  1. nice tweed - visit me!


  2. Absolutely love it!
    Btw, I know a guy who would surely do anything to be your "hot lover" :)

    xx Yvi

  3. The tweet jacket is gorgeous !

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    Have a fashionable day! <3
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  4. great photos :) love your pink pale dress, beautiful!

    Bisous! Marie

  5. Amazing post my dear!
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  6. the pink dress is pretty cute

  7. nice blog but if i were you i would mind to write faultless but anyway hihi.


  8. @Anonymous: If I were you I'd try not to make mistakes yourself when correcting her!
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